Ceramic valves using in process of Iron pretreatment


Iron pretreatment
Iron pretreatment refers to the molten iron in the steelmaking furnace before, in order to remove or extract some kind of composition and the treatment process, such as the molten iron furnace desulfurization, dephosphorization and desiliconization, i.e., three off technology belongs to a kind of molten iron pretreatment. Iron water for three off can improve the condition of the main raw materials for steelmaking, realize less slag or no slag operation, simplify the steelmaking operation process.

Iron pretreatment process
Methods include: continuous treatment of iron water ditch method, iron water tank blowing method, mechanical mixing method, special furnace method, shaking bag method, drum method, bell method and spray method.

Continuous treatment method of iron water ditch

One of the simplest iron pretreatment method. It is divided into two kinds of method and spray blowing method.

The former only need to pretreatment agent (iron desulfurization agent desilicone agent or dephosphorization agent) spread in the iron ditch appropriate position, pretreatment agent that is with the iron flow and down, by the iron flow of the agitation and impact of the pretreatment agent and the liquid iron to react to remove the impurity elements; the latter need to be in the iron ditch continuous treatment method.

The latter need to be set in the iron ditch on the spray stirring gun or powder spray gun, so that the pretreatment agent by spraying and stirring to strengthen the contact with the molten iron.

Iron tank blowing method

Pretreatment agent with a spray gun into the iron tank iron, so that its full reaction with the iron to purify the iron, remove (or extract) the purpose of the relevant elements. Iron tanks have torpedo tanks and open tanks. Spray gun in addition to powder spray gun, sometimes set up to spray oxygen or air vice gun.

Mechanical mixing method

The pretreatment agent placed on the surface of the molten iron is stirred by the stirring paddle to make effective contact with the molten iron, an efficient method, which is mostly used for deep desulfurization.
Specialized Furnace Method

Specialized furnace, also known as H-furnace, is a loose capacity and easy to control special equipment for the pretreatment of molten iron, there are also spare steelmaking converter as a special furnace for the

Pretreatment agent
For different purposes of iron pretreatment, choose the pretreatment agent with sufficient resources, cheap and efficient.


Commonly used active metal desulfurization agent (such as metal magnesium) carbide desulfurization agent (such as calcium carbide CaC2) carbonate desulfurization agent (such as soda Na2CO3), oxide desulfurization agent (such as lime CaO) and composite desulfurization agent (more than two kinds of desulfurization agent, or desulfurization and fluxes according to a certain proportion of the preparation and become).

Desiliconization, dephosphorization agent

Desilication, dephosphorization are mainly oxidizing agent, supplemented by flux and activator. There are solid oxidizing agent, mainly iron oxide, or manganese ore powder; there are gas oxidizing agent, mainly oxygen. The main melting agent is lime, but also soda, they play a role in curing silicon, phosphorus and other oxides, the formation of stable silicates or phosphates, while reducing the slag melting point. Activator is used to stimulate desilication, dephosphorization reaction substances (such as CaF2, CaC2, etc.), also plays a role in fluxing.

Desilicone agent and dephosphorization agent of the same type, only the quality and quantity requirements are different, according to the specific requirements of the preparation.

Ceramic valve application
Pretreatment agent mostly in the form of powder transportation, small particles, easy to agglomerate cohesion, easy to block in the process of transportation, ceramic valves have better sealing performance and wear resistance, can effectively avoid the powder medium on the valve inner parts of the damage caused by the valve leakage or jamming.

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