Ceramic valves using in process of Iron pretreatment

Ceramic valves using in process of Iron pretreatment Author:FUVALVE ENGINEER TEAM Iron pretreatment Iron pretreatment refers to the molten iron in the steelmaking furnace before, in order to remove or extract some kind of composition and the treatment process, such as the molten iron furnace desulfurization, dephosphorization and desiliconization, i.e., three off technology belongs to a kind of molten iron pretreatment. Iron water for three off can improve the condition of the main raw materials for steelmaking, realize less slag or no [...]

Steelmaking can also use ceramic valves?

Steelmaking can also use ceramic valves Author—FUVALVE ENGINEER   Steelmaking dedusting At present there are many kinds of dust removal process, the form of steelmaking dust removal system is also diverse, due to the form of different, dust removal system facilities and composition is not the same, but the basic process flow is unchanged, including flue gas collection part, flue gas cooling part, waste heat recovery part, flue gas purification part, gas recycling and gas discharging part, sewage treatment part, and dust recovery [...]

Pneumatic ceramic butterfly valve delivery to Russia

13pcs of DN100 pneumatic ceramic butterfly valve delivered to a well known steel manufactory in Russia. The series D672G-10P Ceramic lined butterfly valve is the double-eccentric spherical sealing structure designed.The seat and sealing ring are made of ZrO2 which material is the abrasion-resistant and corrosion-resistant material. Specification:Type  Ceramic Butterfly ValvesSize DN50-DN300(2”-12”)Pressure Rating PN6, PN10,PN16, CL150Body Material WCB, CF8, CF8M, CF3M,CN7MTrim Material 99% Al2O3 Ceramics, ZrO2 Ceramics, Si3N4, Solid Tungsten CarbideEnd Connection Lug Type,EN1092-1, DIN 2501, ASME B16.5  Typical Applications: For most mediums which contains solid particles, abrasion is [...]

High-performance fluorine-lined ball valve

High-performance fluorine-lined ball valve, designed according to 12237 standard, is mainly used to control the on-off of pipeline materials.It has the advantages of low flow resistance, simple structure, reliable sealing performance, and rapid opening and closing. The products are widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, mineral processing, chlor-alkali, pharmaceutical and other fields.It is suitable for high-performance media of acid-base salts with temperatures ranging from -29°C to 180°C.High-performance fluorine-lined ball valve This series of ball valves has the following structural characteristics 1. [...]

FUVALVE high-quality ceramic ball valve were delivered in Nov. 2022

FUVALVE high-quality ceramic ball valve were delivered in Nov. 2022 We are pleased here to share our ceramic ball valves delivered to our client and end users in Europe,Mid-east countries and USA in Nov. and Dec. 2022.FUVALVE brand Ceramic ball valves are widely used in various harsh working conditions, especially high wear, high erosion and corrosive working conditions. We have rich application experience and high-quality ceramic valve products and ceramic pipes to provide perfect working conditions solutions, which are widely [...]

DN250 pneumatic ceramic double gate valve delivered to Europe

FUVALVE brand DN250 pneumatic ceramic double gate valve delivered to Europe Pressure: 1.0 mPa Temperature: 150°C Fluid: fly ash Quantity: 6 piecesIntroduction of ceramic double disc valvesTypeCeramic Double Disc ValvesSizeDN25-DN400(1”-16”)Pressure RatingPN10,PN16,PN25,PN40, CL150, CL300Body MaterialWCB, CF8Trim MaterialWCB+Al2O3 Ceramics, WCB+ZrO2 Ceramics, WCB+Solid Tungsten Carbide,WCB+StelliteEnd ConnectionFlanged type, Wafer Type, EN1092-1, DIN 2501, ASME B16.5Features: 1.    Structural ceramic sealing to resist abrasion and scratch 2.    Reliable bidirectional enforced sealing by single wedging plate 3.    Blow-sweep holes to benefit airing, scouring, and cleaning 4.    Inner body coated with anti-scaling, anti-corrosion ceramic layeApplicable [...]

Introduction and application scope of Pinch valve

Pinch valve,the casing is the most important part of any pipe clamp valve and is the core of the pipe clamp valve, providing corrosion resistance, wear resistance and pressure bearing capacity.The quality of the pipe clamp valve depends on the quality of the casing.Squeeze the sleeve by pneumatic, electric, manual or hydraulic drive methods to achieve the effect of switching/adjusting.1. Unobstructed flow channel, full diameter 2. Low current resistance 3. No blocking 4. It can still be closed with zero leakage when [...]