Pinch valve,the casing is the most important part of any pipe clamp valve and is the core of the pipe clamp valve, providing corrosion resistance, wear resistance and pressure bearing capacity.The quality of the pipe clamp valve depends on the quality of the casing.Squeeze the sleeve by pneumatic, electric, manual or hydraulic drive methods to achieve the effect of switching/adjusting.

1. Unobstructed flow channel, full diameter
2. Low current resistance
3. No blocking
4. It can still be closed with zero leakage when there are remaining particles.
5. No gaps and dead ends hinder valve operation
6. Low maintenance costs
7. The design is simple and not affected by harsh external environmental influences.

Pinch valve

In contemporary industry, there are often some solid or liquid products containing abrasive substances such as particles, powders, fibers, and viscous pastes that are transported through pipelines, or when there are corrosive media in some chemical processes, pipe clamp valves are the best choice.

Can be used in: sewage treatment plants (sludge treatment, gravel cleaning, raw sewage, lime, carbon sludge), power plants (FGD system, ash removal system, coal transportation), mining (tailings, flotation control, mud discharge pipeline, tailings filling, various other slurries), chemical processes (corrosive and abrasive media, powders, particles) and paper mills, pulp mills, electronics industry, food industry, cement, sand, glass and industrial sewage treatment plants and many other fields.The operating temperature is generally within 0-120°C.

Pinch valve

As the core component, the rubber sleeve of the pipe clamp valve is usually composed of an inner layer, an outer layer and a reinforced fiber.It is formed by primary vulcanization/secondary vulcanization process and has the following structural characteristics:

1. From purchasing raw materials → raw rubber ingredients → rubber mixing → pressing rubber pipes, one-stop production, stable rubber content;

2. Michelin tape is used, the inner skeleton of the reinforced hose is reinforced, and the smoke glue is imported from Malaysia. The quality is stable, with a quality inspection report and quality assurance.;

3. Four-stage plastic refining method, continuous plastic refining and rolling, uniform fusion of raw materials, good adhesion.

4. High temperature molding, no faults, no cracks, and more durable.

5.Different working conditions and nominal diameters,.There are different materials and specifications to choose from.

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