FUVALVE manufactures and supplies customized industrial valves to solve problems of abrasive and corrosive applications,  high-pressure,high-temperature and low temperature applications.

FUVALVE products have been fully cover wide range of the industry for mining, coal fired power plants, steel works, polysilicon, pneumatic conveying, recycling, Mining, Oil and Gas, pulp and paper and petro chemistry and offering excellent products and service worldwide.

FUVALVE products are strictly designed, manufactured and tested according to API, ANSI, BS, JIS, DIN and other standards as requirement from customers.

According to different demand of valve design for variety applications,FUVALVE supplies a large variety of valves and valve structure for different purposes and conditions: different uses (on/off, control), different fluids (solid, liquid or gas; combustible, toxic or corrosive), different materials (metal or nonmetal) and different pressure and temperature (low, medium or high pressure applications and low-, room- or high-temperature applications).

Staffs at FUVALVE are pleased to meet special requirements and solve urgent problems for our customers.We are happy when we finally help our customers and end users.

The products we are supplying:

Abrasion-resistant valve series:Ceramic ball valve,ceramic butterfly valve,ceramic gate valve,ceramic lined pipe and fittings.

Corrosion-resistant valve series:PFA/PTFE/FEP Lined ball valve,butterfly valve,globe valve,check valve,plug valve,gate valve,pipe and fittings.

High temperature valve seires:Ultra-high temperature butterfly valve up to 1250 deg C.Gate valve.

Cryogenic valve series:Cryogenic ball valve,butterfly valve,globe valve,check valve and gate valve.

And other special valves.