Fluorine Lined Gate Valve Introduction

Lined gate valve is one kind of valve which can be switched by disc, and the the movement of the disc direction are as perpendicular as to the flow direction. Gate valve is only used for fully open and close , cannot be used for adjusting or throttling. Regularly disc has two sealing face , and the model of two sealing face is formed to the wedge , and this wedge’s angle is varies from the valve data by 50 normally. Medium temperature should not exceed than 2°52′ . Wedged type gate valve’s disc can be made integrally named solid wedge, It also can be made as deformable wedge for improve the technology to make up the deviation of the sealing angle ,which named flexiable wedge.Gate Valve installation and maintenance:

1.Forbidden to use the hand wheel, handle and transmission mechanism as hoist and impact.

2.Double disc of gate valve should be installed vertically ( Stem on vertical position, Hand wheel on top position )

3.When the gate valve with bypass , the bypass valve should be opened before the valve open (To balance the differential pressure of inlet and outlet to reduce the opening force

4.Install the valve according to instruction if the gate valve with transmission mechanism

5.The valve must be lubricated once a month if often used.

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