Fuvalve ceramic butterfly valve for high erosion nickel solution

Fuvalve offered 6″,8″,10″12″,14″ ceramic lined butterfly valves to a famous mining industry in Phillipine for acidic, high temp. and pressurize nickel slurry.Each size were used for seveal different applications with acidic and high erosion medium,the end user has test our product compare to the existing butterfly valve which they used to use and found the erosion-resistant property of Fuvalve ceramic lined butterfly valve are very excellent and quality are Satisfactory compare to other brand’s butterfly valve for monthes continuous operation as testing.

Below photos showing that the Fuvalve ceramic lined butterfly compared to other butterfly valve after monthes used.You’ll found the disc and seat of other brand butterfly valve were wear-out,but Fuvalve ceramic lined butterfly valve only the stem disc erosion but it still can last 3 monthes at least for this high-erosion applicaiton.

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