In addition to make scientific planning and design work of pipeline construction in the future, at the same time against existing and prevent future damage to the pipeline violations, illegal behavior, guarantees the safe operation of the pipeline, especially needs the attention of pipeline construction and maintenance of welding process and the process technology of anti-corrosion and the construction quality problems.

Since the seventy or eighty’s of the last century built of crude oil pipeline, the phenomenon is very serious destruction of oil and gas pipeline and ancillary facilities damaged, the pipeline unauthorized construction, digging, random drilling problem is very prominent, and by the time a variety of materials, welding, testing technology and other factors, and after thirty years of operation, China’s oil and gas pipeline gradually into the accident prone period. Beginning in the fall of 2013, the central government pays a great attention to the pipeline safety problems.

In September 1st, the State Council Committee issued “on the in-depth development of oil and gas pipeline hazard remediation notice” battle of assault fortified positions, and points out that the national side of the oil and gas pipelines Zhanya, safety distance is insufficient, does not meet the safety requirements for cross over the hidden safety danger of nearly 30000, average every 10 kilometers there are 2.5 hidden danger. Then, in October 30th, the general office of the State Council issued “Notice of the State Council” on the establishment of oil and gas pipeline safety rectification work leading group, marked the official establishment of the State Council safety hidden danger of oil and gas pipeline rectification work leading group, whose main duty is hidden dangers for gas transmission pipeline unified organization and leadership of national oil and rectification work.

“On the in-depth development of oil and gas pipeline hidden rectification notice” requirements of the battle, for investigation in 2015 June before all the major hidden dangers, to form a closed space hidden dangers rectification work completed in 2016 June, the rectification rate of 80%, in 2017 June completed all the hidden danger investigation of the rectification work. The requirements for the next 3 years the pipeline safety governance timetable. At the same time, according to the report, Sinopec plans to invest about 28100000000 yuan for the pipeline safety management in the next three years, and China oil has Chinese pipeline 70%. According to the limited information generally projections, the next three years China’s oil and gas pipeline network security governance may cost 100000000000 yuan, at least not less than 50000000000 yuan. The significance of the large, heavy responsibility, amount is huge, the relevant departments and enterprises have to seriously.

I understand, pipeline safety planning, construction, operation, maintenance of four major dimensions, therefore, the concept of pipeline safety includes planning, construction safety safety, safe operation, safety maintenance of four major aspects. With the longest mileage of long distance pipeline USA, display the pipe major accident statistics, welding defects, corrosion and third party construction is the main reason leading to the accidents. Combined with the reality of our country, the author thinks that the pipeline safety problems, in addition to make scientific planning and design work of pipeline construction in the future, at the same time against existing and prevent future damage to the pipeline violations, illegal behavior, guarantees the safe operation of the pipeline, especially needs the attention of pipeline construction and maintenance of welding process and the process technology of anti-corrosion and the construction quality problems. Only in this way, the overhaul project to complete the existing problems of the pipeline, to ensure the quality of the future new pipeline. In this regard, pipe manufacturing and engineering construction enterprises need special care.

Thousands of miles of dikes, collapse in yixue. Oil and gas pipeline especially anti-corrosion treatment at the joint of the pipeline to ensure quality of oil and gas pipeline is very important. Therefore, the future three years of pipeline hazard remediation crucial action put forward higher requirement to undertake pipeline Overhaul Engineering Enterprise Engineering and technical ability and organization ability.

The first is the pipeline overhaul project management organization. The maximization of how to arrange the pipeline construction, anti-corrosion construction, construction supervision of three party relations to achieve technical efficiency and the efficiency of management? In the initial stage of pipeline construction, pipeline laying on the main task, the pipeline construction in a dominant position, antiseptic to pre-treatment workshop pipeline anti-corrosion main field of anti-corrosive coating, work as a supplement, in a supplementary position overall anti-corrosion construction. And the late stage of pipeline anti-corrosion layer of overhaul, repair has become a major task in the scene, the anti-corrosive construction mainly, supplemented by replacing the pipeline anti-corrosion construction, the effect is more critical, more important. Therefore, changes in the characteristics of technology and economy comparison of pipeline construction and pipeline overhaul and two each in the pipeline of initial construction and post overhaul tasks relative position we found that pipeline overhaul engineering required by professional anti-corrosion company as responsible for the overhaul of the overall quality of operation main body, not once again from the original pipeline construction party leading. Such institutional arrangements to strengthen the pipeline joint construction professional, improve the anti-corrosion engineering quality of great significance. Again, that the situation in the past, even if the construction supervision is an independent legal person, but if the construction and belong to the same parent company or corporation, but also difficult to really strict control engineering standard, effective control of the construction side. Therefore, supervision, it is necessary to introduce the independent for pipeline construction and anti-corrosion overhaul engineering and design, supervision, construction, overhaul with the same characters, should have the ability to grasp the professional corrosion standards. Pipeline engineering aspects should pay enough attention to the anti-corrosion this seemingly not important hidden project.

Anti-corrosion enterprise how to through self practice to improve ability of engineering technology, is a realistic problem in front of us. Now, the anti-corrosion equivalent to pipeline and material brush anti-rusting paint era has passed. For decades, tremendous changes have taken place in anti-corrosion materials, corrosion products, anti-corrosion, anti-corrosion technology market, high-tech, mechanization, environmental protection, green represents the direction of future development of chemical industry. The threshold of the industry is more and more high, anti-corrosion industry also plays a more and more economic contribution. My defense corrosion industry has accounted for GDP of 1%~1.5%, a total of more than 700000000000 yuan. In the face of pipeline at three year overhaul tasks, anti-corrosion of pipeline enterprises of our country should not only pay attention to thought, action to actively, more need to ensure quality, progress. Therefore, enterprises need a hand antiseptic management, grasping technology management, to optimize growth progress and benefits of upgrading technology. To strengthen management, internal process, improve the internal control, mobilizing the enthusiasm of staff. Research and development to strengthen the anti-corrosion material, coating process, as soon as possible and strive to take high performance polyethylene, high temperature resistant, high temperature resistant epoxy powder coating and liquid deep layer of polyethylene, polypropylene coating 5 is the symbol of the high-end materials and technology. The only way to take time for anti-corrosion industry technical standards and continuously improve the challenge, and through the outstanding contributions of anti-corrosion engineering completely change the society for anti-corrosion construction in engineering subsidiary position of the erroneous understanding. A new era of anti-corrosion industry has come, overhaul engineering of oil and gas pipeline startup be open more anti-corrosion enterprise entered a new era of the door.

(the author: Wang Weihan, Professor of University of International Business and Economics, research center for energy economics chief researcher)

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