Abrasion-resistant valves

FUVALVE offers series of valve for abrasive,high-wear and erosion applications.The main product range of abrasion-resistant valves that Fuvalve offers are ceramic lined valve series and pinch valve series. 1.Fuvalve ceramic lined valve for abrasive applications,the material of valve body can be WCB,SS304,SS316,SS316L or other alloy steel fully lined advance ceramic,and the sealing face of valve ball,butterfly disc or gate disc lined ceramic. FUVALVE Structural Ceramic lined Valves(materials Al2O3 or ZrO2 Ceramic) Advantages of structural ceramic valves include hi-economy, long life (2~4 times of [...]

Ceramic ball valve for Flue Gas Desulfurization

Ceramic ball valve for Flue Gas Desulfurization(FGD valve)FGD is a process of treating flue gases with lime stone slurry to remove SOx, NOx and other pollutants and produce gypsum slurry as a by-product. One of the technological challenges in FGD system is the highly corrosion and abrasion of the slurry to the pipe lines and valves. Severe corrosion and abrasion can result in unacceptable high costs for replacement and maintenance. Therefore in many coal fired power plant by choosing [...]

Ceramic ball valves applied to Pulverized coal injection system

ceramic ball valve for pneumatic conveying Lithium powder (battery anode material) As a new energy Lithium battery which gets more and more attention. Production capacity increases very quickly. The anode Material of lithium battery is micron powder material. There is a tender that anode material will be tinier and tinier. It is easier to fly in the air because of tiny powder. Production environment is very severe and material recycle is very difficult while cost is high. Old original production method [...]

Ceramic ball valves applied to Pulverized coal injection system

Ceramic ball valves applied to Pulverized coal injection system Currently, in high furnace of metallurgy technique, techniques of high wind, high temperature, refined steel, injection oxygen enrichment have been widely used to save cost and increase production. Furnace injection techniques have been widely used for some places where lack of coke and small high furnace. Actually, for places where does not lack of coke, high furnace injection has not been adopted. Along with lacking of coke, cost increasing of coke meanwhile [...]

Ceramic ball valve apply to fly ash application

Ceramic ball valve apply to fly ash application As the fly ash handling system, high speed fly ash is extreme abrasive, and abrasion is the main problem for pipe valves and elbows. Generally soft seated and metal seated ball valves cannot last more than 3 months, frequent replacement and maintenance of the valves consumes too much manpower and cost, and also had a negative impact for the pneumatic conveying system.Ceramic ball valve apply to fly ash application FUVALVE has many and [...]

Fluorine Lined Gate Valve Introduction

Fluorine Lined Gate Valve IntroductionLined gate valve is one kind of valve which can be switched by disc, and the the movement of the disc direction are as perpendicular as to the flow direction. Gate valve is only used for fully open and close , cannot be used for adjusting or throttling. Regularly disc has two sealing face , and the model of two sealing face is formed to the wedge , and this wedge’s angle is varies from [...]

Electric fluorine lined ball valve working principle and suitable applications

Electric fluorine lined ball valve working principle and suitable applications This product lined with fluorine-plastic,equipped with new type structure of lever ball body and as well as the unique elastic lip-sealing seat has he hi-seat has he hi-sealed performance and lower torque of operation within the large pressure difference and temperature variation range. This product can be acted as switch or adjustment to carry the liquid as gas (including the vapor) in various industrial pipes with strong corrosion such as [...]

Fluorine lined butterfly valves use manual

Fluorine lined butterfly valves use manualLined valves and pipe fittings  are applied quickly in the oil, printer and dyeing, chemical industry along with the rapid development of modern industry. As the first choice of the  project has attracted great attention to engineering  design and working company , has a great potentiality in the market. Lined valve has the double function of switch and adjustment,  which can control the open-close fluently without effect the flow rate for ensure the continuity of flow [...]

Petro China: pay attention to the development of anti-corrosive industry pipeline safety

In addition to make scientific planning and design work of pipeline construction in the future, at the same time against existing and prevent future damage to the pipeline violations, illegal behavior, guarantees the safe operation of the pipeline, especially needs the attention of pipeline construction and maintenance of welding process and the process technology of anti-corrosion and the construction quality problems. Since the seventy or eighty’s of the last century built of crude oil pipeline, the phenomenon is very serious [...]

Sinopec first LNG project in shandong province

In the first phase of transportation capacity of 3 million tons, equivalent to 4 billion gas, can 4.8 million tons of carbon dioxide a year, shandong and north China was the first to benefit; In addition, sinopec under construction and the preparation and four such as guangxi, jiangsu, tianjin, wenzhou LNG receiving station project.Sinopec in the future more large-scale LNG import, to ensure domestic energy supply, optimize the energy consumption structure, building a green low carbon and environmentally friendly society [...]