Introduction and application scope of Pinch valve

Pinch valve,the casing is the most important part of any pipe clamp valve and is the core of the pipe clamp valve, providing corrosion resistance, wear resistance and pressure bearing capacity.The quality of the pipe clamp valve depends on the quality of the casing.Squeeze the sleeve by pneumatic, electric, manual or hydraulic drive methods to achieve the effect of switching/adjusting.1. Unobstructed flow channel, full diameter 2. Low current resistance 3. No blocking 4. It can still be closed with zero leakage when [...]

Abrasion-resistant valves

FUVALVE offers series of valve for abrasive,high-wear and erosion applications.The main product range of abrasion-resistant valves that Fuvalve offers are ceramic lined valve series and pinch valve series. 1.Fuvalve ceramic lined valve for abrasive applications,the material of valve body can be WCB,SS304,SS316,SS316L or other alloy steel fully lined advance ceramic,and the sealing face of valve ball,butterfly disc or gate disc lined ceramic. FUVALVE Structural Ceramic lined Valves(materials Al2O3 or ZrO2 Ceramic) Advantages of structural ceramic valves include hi-economy, long life (2~4 times of [...]