In the first phase of transportation capacity of 3 million tons, equivalent to 4 billion gas, can 4.8 million tons of carbon dioxide a year, shandong and north China was the first to benefit;

In addition, sinopec under construction and the preparation and four such as guangxi, jiangsu, tianjin, wenzhou LNG receiving station project.Sinopec in the future more large-scale LNG import, to ensure domestic energy supply, optimize the energy consumption structure, building a green low carbon and environmentally friendly society is of great significance.

On December 13, “Chelsea” sea vessel from Papua New Guinea, dock carrying about 150000 cubic meters of LNG in China petrochemical LNG receiving station in shandong province.Ship to the port of discharge of the commercial gas, marks the first LNG project of sinopec in shandong province officially put into operation.Shandong LNG project in the first phase of transportation capacity of 3 million tons, equivalent to 4 billion cubic meters of natural gas, gas to 22 million households, shandong and north China region will take the lead in benefit.

Papua New Guinea, exxon mobil oil energy secretary du class company vice President and gas and power marketing company President franklin, China petrochemical corporation, senior vice President of zhigang wang attended the ship commercial air port to the ceremony and delivered a speech.

At present, sinopec has access to the national development and reform commission approved the approval and is under construction and LNG receiving station project, tianjin LNG receiving station project in guangxi.Is the prophase work of LNG receiving station project in wenzhou, jiangsu LNG receiving station project.

Sinopec in the future more large-scale LNG introduced, will further widen the channel of the natural gas supply in our country, to safeguard the country’s energy supply, satisfy the rapid growth of China’s natural gas consumption demand of the important measures;To further optimize China’s energy consumption structure, raise the proportion of natural gas consumption of primary energy consumption, is of great significance for building a green low carbon and environmentally friendly society.

Shandong is China petrochemical LNG project was put into practice the important measures of green low carbon development strategy, in cooperation with shandong province on the implementation of “gasification of shandong” strategy, optimize the adjustment of energy structure, to achieve energy conservation and emissions reduction, improve the environmental quality, promote the local economic and social development play an important role.

Shandong LNG project by sinopec gas branch is responsible for organizing the construction of the national district – the west coast of Qingdao, new city Dong Gu port.Construction content includes receiving station, wharf engineering and oil transmission pipeline engineering of three parts.The project in July 2010 by the national development and reform commission for approval, on September 10, 2010 ground-breaking, was broke ground on June 6, 2011, 2014, 9 months, 12 months in operation.A year after a phase of the operation of conveying clean energy to the shandong peninsula and north China region, 3 million tons, to 4.8 million tons of carbon dioxide a year, equivalent to nearly 44 million tree planting trees, nearly 3.2 million economical car stopped a year;Used for power generation, coal emissions compared to the 520000 tons of sulfur dioxide.In a phase of the project put into production, on the basis of the future after the completion of phase ii will be transportation capacity 10 million tons a year.

Shandong LNG project by the China petrochemical independent design, independent procurement, construction and management, in the design and construction of pier, the terminal design, tank manufacturing and jack-up, technology evaluation, the main equipment materials localization of an important breakthrough in aspects and so on.In terms of storage tank construction, adopt unique infrastructure, seismic performance is superior to the widespread adoption of pile foundation, construction progress speed up more than 50%, decrease the construction cost by 20%.In the first national “button on the upper surface of continuous casting mould technology”, improve the quality of the concrete pouring big dome.On the LNG storage tank for the first time of prestressing system localization.In addition, to make full use of LNG in the feed gas light hydrocarbon resources, shandong LNG project design to build the domestic first set of light hydrocarbon recovery unit, for the development of domestic LNG receiving station provides a new production and business operation and profit model.

The resource from exxon mobil LNG project built in Papua New Guinea, resource supplier for Papua New Guinea.In addition, in 2011, the Chinese petrochemical twice with Australia Pacific liquefied natural gas (LNG) co., LTD. (APLNG) sign the sales agreement of LNG, starting in 2015, a year from APLNG company purchase 7.6 million tons of liquefied natural gas (LNG), until 2035.At the same time, hold APLNG 25% stake.

LNG is through gas under normal pressure natural gas cooled to minus 162 degrees Celsius, to condense into liquid.Natural gas liquefaction can greatly save storage space and cost, high calorific value, high performance, etc.As a clean fuel vaporization after used for urban residents, as alternative automotive fuel use, is safe, convenient, fast and the characteristics of low pollution.Such as LNG buses emissions of nitrogen dioxide, carbon dioxide can be reduced by 98% and 98% respectively.

Next, shandong branch of China petrochemical gas LNG receiving station for LNG light hydrocarbon recovery unit for debugging, and will be in gasification transmission, tanker transportation way, further do a good job in gas to put clean energy output, in terms of environmental protection, serve the society will play a unique role.

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