Fluorine lined gate valve

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Fluorine lined gate valve

The wedge galte valve is the most common open-close valve, using the wedged sealing disc placed on the two sides to put through or aut the

medium in the pipeline it cant used as flux-saving equipment by litle start in pipeline. this will destroy the sealing face because of the hight speed medium erode.


1.Wedge Gate Valve have the two kinds:flat and round, the body,cover of the valve and the stem of the disc are conneded with the medium directly, including FEP(F40) and PCTFE(F3)Fluorine LINED.

2.The attrition coefficient of sealing auxiliary FPE(F46)FEP(F46)is small and the torque of open-close is low.

3.The packing stuff adopts standard PTFE(F4) and the good sealing performance is easy to exchange and maintain.

4.It adopts flexible gate plate,the warp wedge angle between sealing cover and base of valve can be compensated to reach good sealing purpose.

5.The medium can access the gale valve through either sides of it, suitable as a open-close equipment in the pipeline which the medium will properly changed.

Two、basis types:they include the type of Z41F3,Z41Fs6 and Z40F3,Z40F46.

Three、criterion of design:

lt follows the standard GB12234 and API600.

Four、way of drive:

Manual,power-drive, gear-driven,bevel-gear driven and so on.

More Fluorine lined valve and the material property:

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