PFA Lined Sight-Glass Ball Check Valve

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PFA Lined Sight-Glass Ball Check Valve

FUVALVE Lined sight-glass ball check valve SH40 is for safe flow control,with visual flow observation.

PFA Lined Sight-Glass Ball Check Valve

In corrosion resistance materials,fluorine has its super nice can not only dissolved to alkaline metal, F1uorine, aromatic hydrocarbons but also follow with other’s natural response while meet HCL, H2SO,, aqua regia, organic acid, strong oxidant, alternate thick and thin acid, alkali. Sticking fluorine inside valve’s body, it can conquer the fluorine’s problem of low intensity, furthermore, it solved the problem of the body material in high cost but poor corrosion resistance. In addition, except the stable chemical specification, fluorine has its other merit such as antifouling, sticky- safe, low friction coefficient.

With the speedy development of industry, fluorine lined valves will widely used in petroleum, printing, chemical industry and so on with its Vigorous vitality. As a first choice for project, more and more attention takes by design institutes and construct institutes to this strong market potential product fluorine lined valves.

We center on the field of fluorine lined valves for so many years, after wide market diagnoses and throgh the unceasing efforts of the technicians, 8 kinds of the products with unique form have been researched and developed, such as fluorine lined cock valve, butterfly valve, ball valve, globe valve, check valve,daiphragm valve, gate valve and so on, with 10 pressure classes and more than 1 120 specifications Except the liningof PTFE ( F4)、 RPTFE (RF4)、FEP (F46)、PFA, PVDF,we add PO, PE, PP and PVC to cater to different using demand.

Our staffs always takes “orient by market , develop by technology, ” as the guide lines, making more efforts and researches constantly to return our customer by better and better corrosion resistance valves.


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