Sight-Glass PFA lined Ball Check Valve

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Sight-Glass PFA lined Ball Check Valve:

Product Description:

Lined check valve only allow one way flow direction and prevent the back-flow of liquids in pipeline. Generally check valve is automatically working, under the pressure function of one direction flow, the disc open, while when the liquid back flows, the valve will cut flow. The solid PTFE ball at valve body lining guarantees that ball rolls into the seat due to gravitation.

Product parameter:

Connection method: Flange, Wafer

Lining material: PFA, PTFE, FEP, GXPO etc

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The check valve is automatic valve that depends the flow of medium to open and close valve petal so as to prevent medium from opposite flowing.

One. series of fluoroplastic lined check valve:

1. The types of swing check valve are H44F46 and single petal revolve and H76F46 dual petal revolve, the petals are all rotate around the axes out of the base to avoid the medium swing back flow. the characteristic of H44F46 and H74F46 check valve is :axes and petal of valve are designed as a whole, FEPaxes is wedged in the special groove between body and cover of valve is, in addition, the characteristic of H72F46 and H76F46 check valve: the body, petal and the reposition spring lined the erosion-resistant fluoroplastic liner, the reasonable spring to produce the enough pressure and ensured the relability of sealing.


2. Lift standing check valve:the main types are: H40F46,H42F46 and H72F46 lift standing check valve, among that the H40F46 is a new type, the petal is ball form, the same characteristic is :liner petal make the lift movement along the access of valve.

3. Characteristic of the H41F46 frank way lft check valve: the fluoroplastic lined petal is vertical to the entrance axes make lit movement.

Two. criterion of design: 

It adopt the standard of GB13932, GB12235,GB12236 and API 6D.

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