High performance v port ceramic ball valve

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High performance v port ceramic ball valve

The v-port Ceramic ball valves is designed to fulfill more precise and stable control performance for different abrasive and corrosive applications.


The V-port full lined hard-seal ceramic control ball valves are applicable to a variety of pipes like Class15./300 and PN10-PN50,suitable for the controlling or cutting of medium in the high-wearing or corrosive working conditions.If select different materials,the valve can be applied to water,steam,oil,lime slurry,liquid chlorine,nitric acid,acetic acid,oxidizing substances,urea and other medium.

V-port valve ball and seat generate cutting force,when the medium contains fiber,solid particles or slurry,the valve will not be stuck and still maintains a good seal with zero-leakage.

Typical Applications:

For most of control valves including globe type control valves or V ball control valves, medium flow velocity will reach the maximum when valve is at small opening position, then the high speed medium will erode ball, outlet seats and outlet body. If medium contains solid particles, erosion will be much more serious.

Some valve manufacturers and technicians spend a lot of time and cost to improve abrasion resistant of control valves by improving structure, but the effect is not satisfactory. Especially if medium is both abrasive and corrosive, the only way is choosing a right material; there is no better way to solve this problems.

It’s well known that fine ceramics materials, including high pure Al2O3, ZrO2, solid tungsten carbide and silicon nitride, which can provide fundamental solutions to the corrosion and abrasion problems. As a professional ceramic valve manufacturer, FUVALVE developed v-port ceramic ball valves to meet these severe abrasive and/or corrosive applications.


Driving Mode:Manual/Electric/Pneumatic/Worm gear

Working temperature: less than 280 Deg C

Special order must state the medium and the working condition.

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