Full-lined Ceramic Ball Valve

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Full-lined Ceramic Ball Valve
The all parts of Full-lining Ceramic Ball Valve in contacting other medium are made of structure ceramic. This structure ceramic has a super performance in wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and well in heat insulation.
Our Ceramic Ball Valve is processed by the precision grinding technology with the advanced equipment and product lines. The structure of ball valve body is so fine and concise. The flow channel of the ball valve is so smooth that the flowing medium has least resistance.
Full-lining Hard-sealing Ceramic Ball Valve is made up of eight components by the scientific and rational design way. The valve ball and the valve seat ring are processed by the face- contact tooling. With this processed way, the ball can inosculate fully with intrados and out-radian of the valve seating ring. With the advantages of high precision roundness , good surface, light- torsion and least resistance of the valve ball, the ball valve can be meet the require of zero-leaking seal.
Due to its good anti-friction property, our valve has an absolutely advantage when fit in transport high hardness granule medium, and soft with erosive medium.
Applicable medium: water supply, petrochemical disposal, boiler heat, lime water and grain-seawater transport and flue gas desulfurize and ash discharge. The ball valve can be made of different material for different use. The ball valve is suit for different temperature and different use-circumstance.
Full-lined Ceramic Ball Valve

Properties of Structural Full lined Ceramic Ball Valves

Typical properties of structural ceramic ball valves include:

  • Wear and corrosion resistance
    The valve ball, valve seat and inner lining are all made of Hi-performance structural ceramics with hardness of HRA87 or above. So structural ceramic ball valves can withstand the impact of Hi-speed liquids and hard grains, displaying excellent performance on wear and corrosion resistance.
  • Corrosion resistance
    The valve ball, valve seat and the inner lining are all made of Hi-performance structural ceramics. They have been examined by the Metal Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, showing that the structural ceramics have excellent corrosion-resistance, except to glass-liquor and hydrofluoric acid.
  • Long working life
    The static pressure test showed no leakage after 10000 times opening-closing.
  • Wide-range of applications
    Structural ceramic ball valves are applicable to various acid, alkaline or saline solutions, gaseous media, etc. Hard sealing ball valves can also be used in media with particles and fibers.

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