Full lined ceramic butterfly valve for Nickel slurry

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Full lined ceramic butterfly valve for Nickel slurry

As the medium of the nickel slurry contains sulfuric acid,the valve design need to be considered both for abrasion-resistant and corrosion-resistant,in order to avoid the slurry erosion the body during the moment of the valve opened/closed,only to use ceramic lined the body.To use Super duplex stainless steel body full lined Al2O3 ceramics,the sealing face of disc and seats are made of ZrO2 ceramics will be the best solution to solve the problem caused of abrasive and corrosive.

Typical Applications:

For most mediums which contains solid particles, abrasion is a very troublesome problem for valves and pipe fittings. Butterfly valve is one of the most common valve types in pipelines. For the medium which contains abrasive particles, the service life of soft sealing and metal sealing butterfly valves will be very short. To solve this problem, FUVALVE developes Lug type ceramic butterfly valves to meet the requirements of high abrasive applications. For the medium contains both abrasive and corrosive, we will select suitable body materials for lug ceramic butterfly valves to avoid possible corrosion. 

 Mining slag
 Coal washing 
 Ash Slurry
 Suspension
 Ash
 Grain
 Quartz Sand
 Metallurgical dust
 Ores
 Granules

The valve install on the pipeline:


Full lined ceramic butterfly valve for Nickel slurry

Typical properties of structural ceramic hard sealing valve include:

  • Wear and corrosion resistance
    The valve sealing ring, valve seat and inner lining are all made of Hi-performance structural ceramics with hardness of HRA87 or above. So structural ceramic ball valves can withstand the impact of Hi-speed liquids and hard grains, displaying excellent performance on wear and corrosion resistance.
  • Corrosion resistance
    The  valve sealing ring, valve seat and the inner lining are all made of Hi-performance structural ceramics. They have been examined by the Metal Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, showing that the structural ceramics have excellent corrosion-resistance, except to glass-liquor and hydrofluoric acid.
  • Long working life
    The static pressure test showed no leakage after 10000 times opening-closing.
  • Wide-range of applications
    Structural fully lined ceramic butterfly valve are applicable to various acid, alkaline or saline solutions, gaseous media, etc. Hard sealing ball valves can also be used in media with particles and fibers.

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