Angle Pattern Ceramic Globe Valves

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Angle Pattern Ceramic Globe Valves



Ceramic Globe Valves



Pressure Rating

PN10,PN16,PN25,PN40, PN63, PN100, PN160, CL150, CL300, CL600, CL900

Body Material

WCB, CF8, CF8M, CF3M, Hastelloy, Monel, Alloy 20, Titanium

Trim Material

ZrO2 Ceramics, Al2O3 Ceramics, Tungsten Carbide, Si3N4

End Connection

Flange End, Butt Welding End, EN1092-1, DIN 2501, ASME B16.5

Typical Applications 

For metal seated globe valves, metal seat and disc sealing face is easily to get damaged if medium is corrosive or abrasive. Angle pattern Ceramic globe valves are developed by FUVALVE to solve these corrosion and abrasion problems in high pressure applications. The Ceramic globe valves are widely used in many severe high pressure applications, such as sea water, corrosive slurry, ect. 

Design Features:

Product type

Rising Stem with precision threads and suitable for horizontal installation. Variable ceramic trim, including ZrO2 ceramics, Al2O3 ceramics, silicon nitride, tungsten carbide, which make sure that angle pattern ceramic globe valves have excellent abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance. Spherical seat face and conical ceramic disc ensure that angle pattern ceramic globe valves are zero leakage. 

Temperature range

Depends on the material used for angle pattern ceramic globe valves, the normal working temperature is -29~250 degree.

Valve tightness

The disc and seat sealing face are well polished so that all angle pattern ceramic globe valves have tight shut off properties. The leakage class is up to Class VI.

Design Standards

Valve body design: BS 1868

Face-to-Face Dimension: ASME B16.10

Buttweld End: ASME B16.25

Flange Ends: ASME B16.5, EN 1092-1


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