Cryogenic gate Valve

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Cryogenic gate Valve

A cryogenic gate valve is made to specifically withstand temperatures below freezing point in industrial applications. It is generally made from stainless steel and bronze. It also comes with an extended bonnet for protection against extreme temperatures.

Products Introduction

The valves which operated below -40℃ usually call cryogenic valves. It mainly used in ethylene, liquefied natural gas plants,natural gas LPG, LNG storage tanks, receiving bases and satellite stations,empty Sub-equipment, petrochemical tail gas separation equipment, liquid oxygen, liquid hydrogen, liquid nitrogen, liquid argon, carbon dioxide low temperature storage tank and tank truck, pressure swing adsorption oxygen system.

Design specification

Design& Manufacture: API 600;API 602; BS 6364;ASME B16.34;MESC SPE 77/200;MSS SP-134; JB/T 12626

End to End: ASMEB16.10;GB/T 12221

Connection: ASME B16.5;ASME B16.25;HG;GB;JB;JIS;EN;DIN

Inspection & Test : API 598/BS 6364;MESC SPE 77/200;MSS SP-134;JB/T 12622

Product Features

Valve components parts that contacted with the media before deep process must be strict cryogenic treatment according to the requirements of the specifications, to ensure valve parts can fully under temperature change and cause inflation, contraction ,and the structure of seat part will not have permanent deformation due to the temperature change

Using long neck bonnet structure that can protect the stuffing box

No matter how the temperature change it can maintain the disc reliable seal, expanding and flexible wedge available

Back seal seat cobalt chromium tungsten carbide surfacing welding structure, to avoid the stainless steel material scuffing each other

Cobalt chromium tungsten carbide over laying welding structure of the seat and gate sealing surfaces

Pressure relief hole structure design to prevent valve cavity abnormal pressure change, pressure relief hole can be positioned to seat or gate considering of valve structure , and connected with valve inlet end

Stem surface nit riding hardening process, top revent valve in the process of opening and closing surface scratches affect the sealing performance

Packing chooses fugitive emission packing on request, ensuring valve packing place leakage to meet environment requirements

Welded nipples is available on request

Insulation board (drop water board)is available on request

Main components parts combination

A182 F304/F304L

A351 CF3

A350 LF2;A352 LCB

A350 LF3;A352 LCC

A182 F316/F316L

A351 CF3M

A182  F316/F304+HFA182  F316/F304+HFA182 F304

A182 F316


UNS 20910

Note: Material isavailable upon request

Product Range

Nominal Diameter:1/2″ ~48″(DN15~1200)

Pressure Range:ANSI/ASME150Lb~1500Lb(PN16~250Mpa)

Suitable Temperature:-196~150 ℃

Operation :Manual, Gear Box, Electric, Pneumatic

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