Angle type bellow sealed globe valve

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Angle type bellow sealed globe valve

Leakage from the valve gland is often a problem for environment protection & sometime it is quite dangerous if such leakage is from a hazardous fluid or gas. FUVALVE bellow seal valves are designed with a bellow cartridge which welded to the valve bonnet and stem, so that when the stem up & down movement makes the bellows expands & compress. Therefore there is no sliding or rotating seals through which process fluid can leak.

Design and Manufacture: BS 1873; EN 13709
Face to Face Dimension: ASME B16.10; EN558
Flange Connection Dimension: ASME B16.5, ASME B16.47/MSS SP-44; EN1092
BW Connection Dimension: ASME B16.25; EN 12627
Test and Inspection; API 598; EN12266

Angle type bellow sealed globe valve

Size: NPS 2″~16″ Class 150; NPS 2″~14″Class 300; NPS 2″~12″Class 600

DN50 ~ 400 PN 16/25/40; DN50 ~ 300 PN 64/110;
Rating: ANSI 150lb ~ 600lb; PN 16 ~ 110
Body Materials: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel, Duplex Steel

Bellow Materials: SS304, SS316L, SS321, Inconel, Hastelloy C276
Trim: Per API 600
Operation: Handwheel, Gear, Motorized, Pneumatic

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