Air compressor safety valve

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Air compressor safety valve

The valve of the air what the working temperature are less than 200C, is air compressor specificity safety valve. when the pressure of equipment exceeding the allowed value, the valve will turn on autom-atically and discharge the pressure entirely.when the pressure decrea-se to the stated value, the valve will quickly turn off automatically, in order to make the equipment run effectively.

 Air compressor safety valve

Structure features:

1. As foundry goods have been founded precisely, it has tight structure, graceful appearance, smooth and cleaning surface.

2. The seat and the body have been adopted the subsection design, the seat is easy to process, the sealing face is rubbed into mirror face, which ensures sealing, and is convenient 10 dismantle, install and maintain.

3. The reasonable design of disc holder with the adjusting ring so that safety valves can be tumed on quickly in the respect of adjust and obtain a perfect blow down difference.

4. Both the seat and body that are made of welding stellite are wear-resistant and erosive-resistant so as to ensure sealing and to prolong the life of use.

5. The back pressure balance safety valve which is made of bellows is effective to eliminate the back pressure influence on set pressure, and have tightly segregant function for erosive and poison materials in order to prevent medium from eroding inner parts of valves and polluting environment.

6. The spring as a key part is treated for 24 hours under the constant temperature twice so as to ensure the stable firmness at work and the proper skip.

7. The parts of the seat and the body have been tested press-resistance so as to ensure the safety and reliability at work.

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