Wafer type fluorine lined butterfly valve

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Wafer type fluorine lined butterfly valve

Butterfly valve is a open and close piece rotate with the pole to realize the start, dose and adjust the valve. butterfly valve is used to not only shut and cut off stream but also sealing. So that it is favored by the customers. in addition, the volume and the weight of butterfly valve is small and light, compare with various gate valve, the average weight is reduced 30%~50%the butterfly pole will open and close when it rotates 90C . the open- close torque will be small because the bearing of the butterfly plate is equal and the rotated torque is opposite.

One, the fluorine Lined butterfly valve series:

  1. The basic type is D71F.D71F.(middle line and D73F.D73F.(eccentricity) full liner butterfly valve, adopt two pieces of valve system combination, when it works, the full plastic valve base and the liner plastic butterfly plate connect with the medium, the products will be eroded by any of medium except the alkali metals and Teflon ellement The valve pole D7 1F46 connect with the butterfly plate, the surface cover FEP. The access of inside surface of valve is smooth, the low resistance and strong currency ability make the medium reach to class4 sealing structure and ole- resistant SI rubber flexible liner base so as to enable the zero-leakage of the medium.
  2. The above extended type D7 1F and D41F flange connect with full liner, butterfly plate is stainless half liner butterfly valve.

Two, characteristic:

  1. middle line butterfly valve possesses dual director sealing function and free pressure and flow adjustment with the base in a place of 360° concentric circle.
  2. The class4 load flexible sealing assure the inside and outside of valve zero leaking. a. axon and butterfly plate is special transition curve connect with base of valve. b. the surface of axon adopt O circle and strong washer and flexible carbonated washer combination. c. the section direct of axle adopt O waser and metal washer combination. d. the base of valve is placed in the slot of flexible valve body.
  3. Aorrect adjustable flexible orientation and brief of structure.(we adopt 0 circle to avoed unexpected leakage.);
  4. Flange dual eccentic butterfly valve is apply to the more high pressure occasion.

Three、design standard:

The products adopt gb12238,AP1609, MSS SP. -67, MSS SP -68 standard.

Four、drive manner.

Manual, worm gear driven, pneumatic -driven and motor- driven.


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