Wafer Type Ceramic Butterfly Valves

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Wafer Type Ceramic Butterfly Valves



Pressure Rating

PN6, PN10,PN16, CL150

Body Material


Trim Material

99% Al2O3 Ceramics, ZrO2 Ceramics, Si3N4, Solid Tungsten Carbide

End Connection

Wafer Type,EN1092-1, DIN 2501, ASME B16.5


Typical Applications:

For most mediums which contains solid particles, abrasion is a very troublesome problem for valves and pipe fittings. Butterfly valve is one of the most common valve types in pipelines. If working medium is abrasive, service life of both soft sealing and metal sealing butterfly valves are very short. To solve this problem, FUVALVE develops wafer type ceramic butterfly valves to meet the requirements of high abrasive applications. If working medium is both abrasive and corrosive, we can select suitable body materials for wafer type ceramic butterfly valves to avoid possible corrosion.

 Mining slag
 Coal washing
 Ash Slurry
 Suspension
 Ash
 Grain
 Quartz Sand
 Metallurgical dust
 Ores
 Granules



Design Features:
Product type
1. Wafer type ceramic butterfly valves are light and easy to install.

2. FUVALVE triple eccentric wafer type ceramic butterfly valves have low friction and excellent tightness in abrasive mediums. Meanwhile operation torque of wafer type ceramic butterfly valves is much lower than common metal seated butterfly valves.

3. Ceramics-to-Ceramics seated 
The disc sealing ring and  seat are both high performance ceramics. High pure 99% Al2O3, Zirconia, Si3N4, and solid Tungsten carbide T.C. are used for FUVALVE wafer type ceramic butterfly valves. Different ceramics materials are suitable for different applications. FUVALVE’s experienced engineers can help customers to select suitable materials for their specific applications.

4. Extended service life of ceramic butterfly valves can minimize maintenance cost for customers
Because of high hardness and excellent corrosion resistance of high performance ceramics, FUVALVE ceramic butterfly valves have much longer service life than any other common butterfly valves, and save maintenance cost for customers.

Temperature range of Wafer Type Ceramic Butterfly Valves
-29℃~180℃ (normal)
-29℃~300℃(High Temperature)

Valve tightness 
Leakage rate of FUVALVE ceramic butterfly valves is Class VI for DN100 (4inch) and smaller sizes, Class V for DN125 (5inch) and larger sizes.

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