Ultra-high temperature Butterfly Valve

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Ultrahigh temperature Butterfly Valve

Max temperature up to 1200 deg C.

The ultra-high temperature butterfly valve  is widely used in industrial furnaces, RTO regenerative thermal incinerators, gas and solid waste disposal area.High temperature media on the pipeline in accordance with the different size of the model change of control flow, enabling automation and remote control of industrial processes.

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Product overview:

High temperature butterfly valve with manual gear or supporting the use of pneumatic and electric actuators. And installing the heat sink to protect electric, pneumatic actuators, extend valve life.High temperature butterfly valve installed in the pipeline to accept the control signal automatic control or block. The valve in the closed position left a gap between the gate and valve to take, to ensure that thermal expansion will still function properly when used.Because of this valve is used specifically for RTO ( regenerative thermal incineration ) smoke and industrial kiln system to meet the furnace pressure automatic control and adjustment, it is also known as the flue butterfly valve or pressure relief valve in the furnace.


Product features:
High-temperature butterfly valve body with castable lining, valve disc and valve stem are made of heat-resistant stainless steel 310ss or 904L. High temperature butterfly valve with high strength and wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature up to wait for performance.On the structure with high temperature heat sink bracket, dust covers, valve ] under high temperature conditions conducive to normal operation, reducing dust, so that the valve plate is not stuck phenomenon, so as to ensure that the valve plate open and flexible.


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