Top Entry Ball Valve

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Size:2″–24″ Pressure:150#–1500#

Product Material:Carbon&Lowalloy steel/STL/Nickel bare alloy


Top entry ball valve gives the advantage of in-line repair or replacement of valve internal components without removing the valve from the pipeline. This is why this valve is frequently used on high pressure pipeline, especially with heavy oils, where relatively frequent cleaning is needed, thus minimizing the disassembly and re-assembly of valves with a remarkable cost saving. More, it minimize the leakage path and eliminate any potential contacts between threads and wetted parts.


Product use:

It is widely used in oil and gas pipelines, oil recovery, refining, petrochemical, chemical, chemical fiber, metallurgy, electricity, nuclear power, food and paper making equipment. The jacket ball valve is easy and quick to remove in line. When the valve is in the pipeline failure needs to be repaired, don’t need to remove the valve from the line, just pull down the flange bolts and nuts, the bonnet and stem assembly together removed from the valve body, and then remove the ball and seat assembly. Repair the ball and seat online. This repair saves time and reduces the loss of production to the lowest point.


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