Strengthened valve body Ceramic Ball Valve

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Strengthened valve body Ceramic Ball Valve 



Half Lined Ceramic Ball Valves



Pressure Rating

PN10,PN16,PN25,PN40,PN63,CL150,CL300,CL600,JIS 10K, JIS 16K , JIS 20K, JIS 40K

Body Material

A105, SS304, SS316, SS316L, F51, 2205

Trim Material

ZrO2, 99% Al2O3,99.7%Al2O3,SSIC, STC, Si3N4

End Connection

Flange End as per ASME B16.5, EN1092-1, JIS B2220, Butt Welding End as per ASME B16.25


The valve body is thickened and strengthened(than GB,JB,ANSI).And it can be made into two or three sections if necessary.As a result,the valve will not be distorted and locked because of gravity.

The Strengthened hard seal ceramic ball valve is designed for the medium which contains fiber,slurry and high-hardness particle,applicable to pipe-line transportation and emission of Silicon powder,magnesium powder and lime.

The ceramic ball and seat inside are hard sealed so that the valve can be zero leakage ,economical,practical.


Nominal Diameter:DN15-DN200

Nominal Pressure:1.0-4.0-6.8MPa

Suitable Temperature:-40 to 280/450 Deg C


Strengthened valve body Ceramic Ball Valve 

Design Features:

  1. Floating ball or trunnion ball

FUVALVE provide two basic structures for ceramic ball valves: Floating ball and trunnion ball. For 4” (DN100) and smaller,the valve has a floating ball, and for 5” (DN125) and larger sizes, trunnion mounted ball is provided.

For other main features of ceramic lined ball valve, please refer to ceramic floating ball valves and ceramic trunnion ball valves. Or contact us at for more detailed technical information of ceramic ball valves.

  1. The parts touching medium are all ceramics—Ceramic fully lined

Because the mediums are mostly high abrasive and corrosive, ceramic components are assembled into forged metal body of ceramic lined ball valves which absorbs most physical loads and shock from piping lines. The medium will not directly touch valve body, therefore no parts will be worn out or corroded by the aggressive medium.

  1. Bare stem valves, Pneumatic and electric control system

Generally ceramic ball valves are actuated by pneumatic actuators or electric actuators. Fuvalve has well trained technicians to assemble complete pneumatic and electric actuator onto valves. We can assemble all possible accessories to ceramic ball valves per customer’s requirements, such as pneumatic actuators, limit switch, electric-pneumatic petitioners, solenoid valves, filter and regulators, and smart electric actuators, etc.

Fuvalve can offer bare stem ceramic ball valves to customers, so that they can assemble their actuators onto valve by themselves. A yoke with ISO 5211 mounting pad is provided along with bare stem ceramic ball valves for easy installation.

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