Oxygen ball valve

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Oxygen ball valve

Products Introduction

Oxygen valve is widely used in various coal chemical equipment, chemical, petrochemical ,steel and metallurgy industries. Because the medium is oxygen (combustion imp rover),Any internal or external leakage will cause an fire or explosion etc. disasters. So that there is an extremely high requirement on the sealing performance , material characters, operation speed, service life of oxygen valves. The metal seated ball valve used for oxygen service is coated by unique hard alloy which can thoroughly achieve the quick shut-off or opening of pure oxygen supply pipeline or oxygen weeping pipeline.

Design specification

Design&Manufacturing:ASME B16.34

End to End:ASME B16.10 ASME B16.10 or customer customized

End Connection:ASME B16.5  ASME B16.5 or customer customized

Inspection & Test:API 598;ASME B16.104

Product Design Features

Two-way sealing seat

Multiple anti-leaking seal

Spring preload& sealing surface wear compensation

Middle flange quantitative compression

Blow-out proof stem

Dynamic spring-loaded packing

Strict degreasing ,Assembly and Inspection



 ShellBall SeatStem

Monel M35-2


F316,F304+Surface Harden

Monel k500+Surface Harden

Ionconel625+Surface Harden


F316/F304+Surface Harden


Monel k500+Surface Harden


Ionconel625+Surface Harden


F304,F316 17-4PH

Monel k500


Product Range

Nominal Diameter:1/2”~20”(DN15~DN500)

Pressure Range:ANSI/ASME 150Lb~1500Lb(PN16~250Mpa)

Suitable Temperature:-29~550℃

Operation :Manual ,Pneumatic


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