DN150 Fully Lined Silicon Nitride Rotray Cam Valve for Acetic acid catalyst solution

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DN150 Fully Lined Silicon Nitride Rotray Cam Valve for Acetic acid catalyst solution

FUV940T Ceramic Eccentric Rotary Valve Series with double eccentric design, torque sealing.
Using double eccentric to produce cam wedge tightening effect to realize torque sealing.
When closing, the C-type ball moves gradually relative to the seat, the tighter the clearance is, and the leakage grade of hard seal reaches VI. It is a typical spherical seal.
And, it has functions of cut-off and adjusting; It can regulate and control throttling in slurry medium with abrasive solid content, fibrous fluid, high viscosity and scale-prone slury.

DN150 Fully Lined Silicon Nitride Rotray Cam Valve

Product Characteristics
Ceramic Eccentric Rotary Valve is also known as Cam Flexible Valve because of its cam-shaped rotation track. The valve body is integrated structure, single seat and through-shaft design, which has the advantages of wear resistance, erosion resistance,high temperature resistance and anti-crushing.

Due to the streamlined valve chamber design, when the valve opens, chamber opens and expands, cam ball is detached from valve seat, and there will be no sticking or blocking; when the valve closes, there is no material detention zone in the valve chamber, which avoid material crystallization turning on unable to open.
It has self-cleaning function. When the valve is opening, cam spherical is tilted away from valve seat, and the fluid flushes sundries along the sealing surface totally. When the valve is closing, C-ball moves gradually relative to the valve seat, which can realize the shearing of the adhering sundries on the sealing pair to ensure the cleaning of the sealing pair, and the wear resistance of the solid C-type ceramic valve seat will not be damaged by
intercepted objects.

Its actuator connection is through the bracket interface, which meets the ISO 5211 size standard.
FUV940T Ceramic Control Partial Core Rotary Valve has the advantages of light switch, low friction, no contact between spherical surface and sealing seat when opening and closing, small torsion and flexible rotation.
When the sealing pair is opening and closing, there is shearing performance. Ceramics have self-cleaning and self-wetting properties which help to clean scales and adhesives on the sealing surface and maintain long-term tightness.
According to the wedge effect which created by eccentric core, the tighter the closure of C-ball and valve seat, the contact between seal pairs can be compensated by themselves.
Ceramic Ball and Ceramic Seal match perfectly and the best sealing effect is realized. It ensure V or above shutdown level and better regulation performance.

DN150 Fully Lined Silicon Nitride Rotray Cam Valve

FUVALVE offer and supply the valve to the application as below:

Pipe No. Size mm 6”
Pipe Size/Material Ø273.1×12.5/Zirconium 702 Valve Connection Flange

Pressure Rating and Sealing Faces ANSI 6” 300# RF
Medium name Acetic acid catalyst solution

Media state before valve:Liquid
Medium status behind valve:Liquid and gas

Amount Liquid:Normal 382910,max 459492

Density:1150 kg/m3

Medium temperature before valve ℃ 195

Medium temperature behind valve ℃ 131.5

Absolute pressure before valve 2.798 MPa

Absolute pressure behind valve 0.133 MPa

Differential pressure 2.665 MPa

Cylinder type
Under steam Liquid density kg/m3 Execution Valve position when air supply fails:Close

Stroke 90°,Machine Action form:Positive

Pneumatic connection :1/4 ”NPT


Input signal 4~20mA

Use to control the discharge of R4101 to F4101

Note: 1. The flange spacing requirement of the valve body: 227 mm. (including the raised sealing surface).
2. The air source pipe and joint are made of 304 stainless steel;

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