Fluorine lined globe valve

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Fluorine lined globe valve

Product details

Body materialDuctile Iron,cast iron,cast steel, stainless steel
StandardAPI, DIN, JIS, GB
CertificateISO9001:2008 TS
ApplicationPetorleum,Chemical,Medicine,Fertilizer,Food and corrosive medium.
FeatureAnti-corrosion,Simple structure,Sealing feature is good.
Lined materialPTFE FEP PFA PO FRPP
Suitable temperature≤180℃

Are suitable for blow down sealing equipment which is controlled b all kinds of pressure, temperature and medium of middle and small caliber piping or stop piping medium, the time of blow down sealing is short, the installing height is on the small side, directed sealing. Not used in the occasion of adjustable flow.

One、basis structure of globe valves:

1.The J41F46 frank way fluorine lined、J45Frs directed current,J44F46 angle globe valves are widely used in the area of the soil,chemical and industry pipe system for the shut-off unction because of the charcteristic of compact structure, flexible open and close, good erosion- proof performance and short process, but the globe valve cant be used to adjust flux. lext the rapid-speed medium flow destroy the sealing cover.

2.Petal and pole of valve are designed as a whole to avoid the inner parts dashing out of the valve due to the pressure wave.

A).criterion of design:

lt is in compliance with GB12233,GB12235,ANSI B16.34 standard.

B).way of drive:

Manual.gear-driven,pneumatic and power-driven.

More fluorine lined valve and the material property:

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