Double damper plate ceramics feeding valve

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Double damper plate ceramics feeding valve



Ceramic Double Disc Valves



Pressure Rating

PN10,PN16,PN25,PN40, CL150, CL300

Body Material


Trim Material

WCB+Al2O3 Ceramics, WCB+ZrO2 Ceramics, WCB+Solid Tungsten Carbide,WCB+Stellite

End Connection

Flanged type, Wafer Type, EN1092-1, DIN 2501, ASME B16.5

Double damper plate ceramics feeding valve
1.    Structural ceramic sealing to resist abrasion and scratch
2.    Reliable bidirectional enforced sealing by single wedging plate
3.    Blow-sweep holes to benefit airing, scouring, and cleaning
4.    Inner body coated with anti-scaling, anti-corrosion ceramic laye
Applicable Working Conditions:
Suitable for the pipeline with medium, like water, steam, ash-gas, oil or fog-shaped, powder-shaped particle, especially the oil conveying system in the Petrochemical Industry and the Catalytic Cracking System in Petroleum. 
Technical Specification:
1.     Nominal Pressure: Class 150~300
2.     Nominal Dimension: 2″~24″ 
3.     Applicable Temp.: -29~200℃
4.     Connection Type: Flange, Welding

Driving Mode: Manual/Electric/Hydraulic/Electric-Hydraulic

Double damper plate ceramics feeding valve


Product type

The Ceramic Gate Valve is ceramics-to-ceramics sealing, also named as parallel double disc valve, or ceramic double disc valve or ceramic double gate valve.

The standard end connection of ceramic gate valves is flanged type, but if the installation space is limited, wafer type is available.

Three piece bodies of Ceramic Gate Valves are very easy for assemble and reliable for maintenance.

Self-cleaning disc design allows disc to move freely and avoid being scratched by solid particles.


Temperature range

Usually working temperature of pneumatic conveying system is not so high, but under some conditions like economizer valves in coal fired power plant, the working temperature may be up to 450 ℃. Then special design of ceramics and packing material will be considered.

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