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Orbit Ball Valve

Orbit Ball Valve

Feature: 1. Non-friction operation: ball turn after leaving seat to avoid the friction of sealing surfaces, solve the problem caused by the full-time contact of seat and sealing face. 2. Easy operation, except for hugo-big size, all the valve can set small handwheel to operate for the torque is so low. 3. Single-seat design can guarantee the high-quality sealing, avoid the occasion exist in double-seat valve that pressure rising. 4. Anti-abrasive ball seat face, weld hard alloy on the ball to guarantee the high-quality sealing in the strict conditions. 5. Self-cleaning: when the ball leave the seat, the fluid wash off debries along the sealing face 360 degrees to make sure the sealing properties. 6.Top-entry design to make the inspection and repairment convenient. 7. RPTFE material inserted in the metal seat to protect the metal sealing face. Standard: Design and Manufacture:API 6D Face to Face Dimension: ASME B16.10 Flange Connection Dimension:ASME B16.5 Test and Inspection:API 598